Slovakia: Directive of the ministry - on permission of photovoltaic installations on roofs

The Ministry of transport, construction and regional development SR drafted on 08.08.2011 a directive no. 2011/2930/V-1414 for construction authorities regarding permission of photovoltaic installations and power plants on roofs.

In case of a photovoltaic installation on the roof that is not a power plant, i.e. it only replaces or supplements the original electricity source, it is up to the construction authority to evaluate, whether the building permit or just the announcement is required. Hereby is decisive for instance, if the installation significantly changes the visual appearance of the building or interferes with the carrying walls.


The photovoltaic power plant is however considered as new operational site with productive character that changes and advances the purpose of usage of the building. As such it requires the decision on change of building usage. The change of building usage that requires also changing the building construction should be examined within the construction procedure. After the completion the building authority proceeds with collaudation. The change of building usage that requires such changes of building construction, which do not change the visual appearance significantly and do not interfere with carrying walls, might be examined by the construction authority within the procedure on change of building usage. The change of building usage must be in compliance with the zoning plan, otherwise the construction authority will not grant its consent therewith.