Romania: Law on renewable energy – one big step closer to Green Certificates

The support system of renewable energy moved closer to its applicability. After the EU-Commission has approved the system of Green Certificates, also the national law was adopted.

The Law No. 220/2008 on the promotion of energy from renewable sources found its final step (“Law 220/2008). With the official publication of the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 88/2011 (“GEO 88/2011”) on October 19th, 2011 we are one final step closer to the Green Certificates. With GEO 88/2011 all modifications in the Law 220/2008 were made according to the decision of the EU Commission notified in July and published in August 2011. The modified Law 220/2008 is in force since October 19th, 2011. Nevertheless, we are still waiting for the methodological norms officially published by the Romanian energy authority ANRE. These norms are necessary for the final application of the issuance of the full number of Green Certificates. The time frame of ANRE is 120 days starting from October 19th, 2011. The draft of the methodological norms was already published. Therefore we are confident that the full amounts of Green Certificates are allocated soon.