Slovakia: Substantial Amendment to the Slovak Labour Code

Following a long discussions, the Slovak Parliament agreed on the Amendment to the Labour Code, which shall bring the activation of the labour market via liberalization.

Unless the President vetoes it, the Amendment shall, starting from 1.9.2011, introduce in particular the following amendments:

  • The maximal duration of the probation period in case of the executive employees shall be prolonged from current 3 to 6 months. The extension of additional 3 months can be agreed upon in the collective agreement.
  • The duration of a fix term employment shall amount to 3 years at the maximum. The fix term employment could be, within the said period of 3 years, prolonged 3 times at the maximum.  However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, such as season works or the substitution during a maternity leave.
  • It shall be introduced a new institute of „shared positions. “
  • The notice period shall vary depending on the employment duration and the termination reason and shall amount to 1 to 3 months.
  • A parallelism of notice period and severance payment was abolished. An affected employee could basically choose between the severance payment and the notice period.
  • A competition clause for the time period after the termination of the employment can be agreed upon for 1 year at the maximum. A (former) employer is, however, during the validity of the competition clause obliged to provide the employee with at least 50 % of its salary.
  • The maximal limit of an overtime work was increased from 400 to 550 hours/year, however only with respect to the executive employees.
  • Employee over 33 years shall be entitled to 5 weeks paid holiday.
  • The institute of working time account, which was up to now only a provisional measure to fight economic crisis, shall be introduced as a permanent institute.  However, only for those enterprises with the employees’ representatives.