As experts in the field of public business and sports law, we accompany the projects of our clients from the very first idea to their successful realization. The broad portfolio of our practice areas covers inter alia projects in fields as follows:

  • Industrial facilities, e.g. heavy industry, construction and building materials industry, wood industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry and steel industry

  • Electric power industry, e.g. hydroelectrical-, biomass-, wind-, solar-, gas-, coal-power-plants or cogeneration plants for heat and power as well as transmission- and pipelines for gas, heat and electricity

  • Waste industry, e.g. thermal recovery facilities, sorting & treatment facilities, chemical/physical facilities, biogas plants, landfill sites, declassification of hazardous waste to non-hazardous, declaratory proceedings (end of waste/product status)

  • Water economy, e.g. hydroelectrical power plants, wastewater treatment plants, river engineering projects, water supply facilities, sewage facilities

  • Abandoned waste, e.g. cleanup projects at abandonded waste sites, tax proceedings regarding the abandoned waste taxe


  • Sporting events - advice on all legal matters in relation to the organisation of sporting events


  • Sports facilities, e.g. ski runs, ski lifts and cable cars and associated developments, golf courses and football stadiums

  • Transport and infrastructure projects, e.g. airports, roadbuilding and railway projects, shopping malls, urban development projects

  • Extractive industry, e.g. quarries, open-cast and underground mining, backfill projects

  • Permissions for facility sites, e.g. industrial or technology parks, optimized modification or expansion of existing facilities

  • Chemical substances and accidents law, e.g. Seveso-procedures and classification of products

  • Emission trade projects, e.g. Allocation proceedings, new entrants reserve, permission of monitoring concepts, optimized business interruption or closure of facilities

  • Legislative projects, e.g. expertises on and accompaniment of federal or provinicial legal amendments