Why NHP ?

More than the grand total of the individual components...


... because we do stress individuality

The strengths and knowledge of each single one and individual ongoing training are important for us.  It is this great variety of interesting personalities which makes us an outstanding service provider.


…because together we are strong

Mutual appreciation, respect, cooperation, sharing knowledge, as well as a good chunk of humour characterize our in-house cooperation and result in a successful team.


…because exciting cases are our everyday experience

The main focus of NHP is on the law governing manufacturing premises, the environment and public procurement.  Approval and monitoring of manufacturing, electric power, traffic and infrastructure projects open up the most interesting and varied fields of activity.


…because for us, professional ability and know how are not part of a dress code

Authenticity and good feeling are important for us.  There is enough dress code in courts of law and authorities, but not for the in-house work in our locations of Vienna, Graz and Salzburg.