NHP takes it for granted not only to apply law but also to contribute to its further development by participating in research and teaching. Therefore our partners regularly write publications in law journals. Beyond that Peter Sander is – together with Professor Nicolas Raschauer – scientifically responsible for the project Peter Sander is also permanent writer of the law journal „Recht der Umwelt“ (Law of the Environment). In addition, the lawyers of our law firm are editors or co-authors of numerous legal commentaries, anthologies and textbooks (click here for a complete list of publications).

Peter Sander is Faculty Member of the Danube University Krems. There he teaches general and special administrative law. From March 2016 he is going to be one of the lecturer for the new master-class “Sportrecht” (sports law). All information about the program of study are available here.

In addition to their teaching activities at universities our lawyers also give lectures at various seminars, workshops and conferences (click here for a complete list of lectures).

In 2013 NHP intensified the cooperation with the Vienna University of Economy and Business. Our law firm was responsible for a student team in the Moot Court on public procurement law organised by Dr. Claudia Fuchs, assistant professor at the Institute for Austrian and European Public Law in the summer term 2013. The Moot Court is hold in form of a map exercise: with the help of our law firm the students have to write pleadings and prepare their legal arguments for a fictitious judicial proceeding in front of the “Bundesvergabeamt” (Federal Public Procurement Office). At the same time the participants get the chance to become acquainted with the workaday life and the workings of a law firm. (More information here).

In March 2014 the new Moot Court Umweltrecht (environmental law) launched Students from all six Austrian law universities have the possibility to utilise their environmental law skills with or against each other. NHP-associate partner Peter Sander, founder of the Moot Court, invented a project on a real-life base. Click here to find more information.

2015 NHP first participated at the „WIRE JUSPLUS Praktikumsbörse“ program of Viennas University of Economics and awarded two internships for the summer months for students of economic law. Also this year NHP will be one of the employers for further graduates. Here are all information.

Since 2016 NHP assigns a dissertation grant of € 2.000, - for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of environmental and technology law in cooperation with the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna. An external panel of experts selects the winner among the submissions.