Core segment of our activities is the implementation of large scale projects, above all in the fields of manufacturing industries, energy, infrastructure, waste management and traffic. To this effect, we guarantee one stop shop legal advice - starting with legal and strategic consulting leading up-to and accompanying the permit proceeding, including ongoing support for existing installations. We are predominantly active in the following fields:
  • industry
    e.g. heavy industry, construction and building materials industry, wood industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry and steel industry, law governing manufacturing plants and environmental impact assessment.
  • Commercial Installations
    e.g. plant extensions, plant modifications, manufacturing and technology parks, environmental impact assessment
  • Energy
    e.g. hydroelectric-, biomass-, wind-, solar-, gas-, coal-power-plants or cogeneration plants for heat and power as well as transmission and pipelines for gas, heat and electricity, environmental impact assessment
  • Traffic
    e.g. airports, road construction and railway projects, parking facilities, environmental impact assessment
  • Infrastructure
    e.g. leisure or amusement parks, shopping malls, hotel accommodation facilities, urban development projects, environmental impact assessment
  • Sports facilities
    e.g. new skiing slopes, golf courses, motor racing tracks, sports stadiums, sports events, environmental impact assessment
  • Extractive industry
    e.g. mining and exploitation, open-cast and underground mining, backfill projects
  • Waste management
    e.g. thermal recovery facilities, sorting and treatment facilities, chemical/physical facilities, biogas plants, landfill sites, declassification of hazardous waste to non-hazardous, declaratory proceedings (end of waste/product status), cross border waste disposal, law governing industrial plants, environmental impact assessment
  • Decontamination projects
    e.g. contaminated site clean-up, declaratory proceedings (contribution to the remediation of contaminated sites), environmental impact assessment
  • Water management
    e.g. hydroelectric power plants, waste water treatment plants, river engineering projects, water supply facilities, law governing industrial plants and environmental impact assessment
  • Emission trading
    e.g. allocation proceedings, approval of monitoring concepts, optimized interruption of operations and facility shut-down projects
  • Chemical substances and accidents law
    e.g. Seveso III proceedings and product classification
  • Legislation
    e.g. expertise on and accompanying draft bills under legal aspects