Sports Law Ombudsman's Office


Dr. Peter Sander, LL.M./MBA

Ombudsmann of the Play Fair Code
F: +43 1 513 21 24 - 30


Integrity in sports is important to us and equally important for all sports fans. The Ombudsman's office serves as a point of contact for all individuals involved in sports. We accept information and reports regarding planned or actual cases of match-fixing.

The Ombudsman's office is established within the law firm Niederhuber & Partner and commits to treat all information provided to it confidentially.

In close coordination with individuals who provide information or seek advice, and only with their explicit consent, the Ombudsman's office subsequently contacts the Play Fair Code. The Play Fair Code serves as an information hub for the relevant sports associations, and through its assistance, concrete procedures can be developed in accordance with association regulations, and individual problem-solving solutions can be found.

Contact can be made anonymously at any time via email or phone.