Ombudsman Sportslaw


Dr. Peter Sander, LL.M./MBA

Ombudsmann des Play Fair Code
F: +43 1 513 21 24 - 30


The Ombudsman is a contact point for all persons involved in sports. We appreciate information and indications about intended or actual game manipulations.

The Ombudsman agency is established at the law firm Niederhuber & Partner and commits itself to treat all information which is sent to them confidentially.

In close consultation with the persons who provide information or seek advice and only with their express consent the Ombudsperson subsequently makes contact with the Play Fair Code. The Play Fair Code is an information platform for the relevant sports associations, with the help of which a specific procedure can be worked out in accordance with the association rules and individual problem solutions can be found.

The contact can be made at any time by e-mail or telephone and on an anonymous basis.